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Nature and its raw materials are the core of our cooking. Come and taste authentic flavors – game – wild fish and other forest foods.
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Welcome to Säkkilä former school building on the shores of Lake Ajakkajärvi.

In the spacious rooms, you will enjoy a warm atmosphere and soft sheets for a good night of sleep.

Take a dip in the evening directly from the sauna to the lake and explore the animals in the courtyard. Wake up in the morning to the rooster’s song and enjoy the nature of Kuusamo.

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+358 400 32 4841 / Miia


In Ajakka you will find a wonderful private restaurant for your party.

Here the people of the house prepare beautiful dishes and breakfasts from local ingredients according to the seasons. Come and taste real local food. If you catch fish during your stay ask help from the kitchen for making it as dinner!

Combine your visit with fishing, canoeing, or hiking, and end the evening with a sauna.

Ask for more by calling or E-mail
+358 400 32 4841 / Miia


The nature of Kuusamo offers something every day of the year.

In summer you can paddle or walk. The darkening evenings in the autumn bring the atmosphere and in the winter the reindeer bale into their homes.

Here at the farm, you can get to know the local life. Go on an ice fishing trip or feed the animals in the yard. Here life is simple and nature is showing the way.

End the day with a soft steam bath and sleep in complete silence.

Ask for more by calling or E-mail
+358 400 32 4841 / Miia

Take a sauna

There is a sauna for more than 100 years old on the shores of Lake Ajakkajärvi.

Book a sauna, smoke sauna, or more for your stay.
Enjoy the warmth of a hot tub and pop into the lake.